Cafés in the Park has grown, in just 12 years, from a little kiosk in Lee Valley Park – to a thriving local company with cafés in four gorgeous park locations in Hertfordshire & Essex.

We’re a proper family business. David and his wife Linda head up the team of family members and locals, all of whom are dedicated to making all four locations the very best café-in-the-park experiences to be had in Herts and Essex.

“I see us all as one big happy family. We are dedicated to looking after customers and making their visit as enjoyable as possible.”

At all our cafés, we’re totally committed to locally-sourced produce, seasonal ingredients wherever we can – and insist on free-range eggs, Fairtrade drinks, and Rainforest Alliance fresh coffee beans. Check out our different fruit and herbal drinks, too.

Where our ingredients come from matters to us and our commitment to organic and fairly-traded produce is at the heart of what we do. But we know that ingredients alone are just ingredients – preparation is what makes them into something truly special. Making the perfect cup of coffee is an art in itself, which is why our staff are all barista-trained.

“You should come and try the full English breakfast – best I have ever tasted.”

Insisting on the right ingredients is because we’re all about serving up wholesome, homemade food. And if you’re vegetarian or eat gluten free, we’re on it. Delicious food and drink, every day, just for you.

“We always get a warm welcome and nothing is too much trouble, even the funny way I like my eggs cooked.”

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. We’re committed to caring for our environment – sharing vegetable leftovers with local allotments for compost, collecting used cooking oil for recycling, and using eco-friendly packaging wherever we can. We don’t like to throw anything away if we can help it!

Where we live, where you live, matters to us. We’re so proud of making our cafés and kiosks part of our local community, and it matters to us that everyone who comes through our doors knows how much we value them from the warmth of our welcome.

“If I didn’t go to the cafe, I probably wouldn’t speak to anyone all day. Since I lost my wife, David and his staff have helped me feel supported and I get a nice lunch and have a good laugh.”

Our customers are genuinely respected and appreciated. We do this for you – and we want you to experience that with every cup of coffee, every sandwich, every bowl of soup, every sweet treat.

David Elton, our managing director, is the driving force behind our cafés. How could he not have a passion for cooking and a love of good food after years of influence from his French mother? Keen to stretch his own culinary wings, David got busy finding out all there was to know about the fresh food business from an early age. And that same drive is still pushing him on to new and even more delicious projects.

David’s first ‘Café in the Park’ started when he saw the potential for a small refreshment kiosk down by the river in Broxbourne. Before long, his kiosk was well-known for serving up wholesome food and drink, for its friendly service, and for opening 7 days a week – whatever the weather!

“His strong work ethic earned him a lot of respect from customers & friends.”

In 2010, the kiosk grew into a café, with space for a whole lot more customers and a covered area outside for dog owners and outdoor lovers. News of this lovely little ‘café retreat,’ with its great food and friendly service, soon spread and the local community – families, walkers, fisherman, cyclists, young and old alike – took the Café to their hearts.

“David is very driven, a bit of a perfectionist, and very hands-on in the business!”

And as anyone who likes a biscuit with their tea will tell you, one is never enough. In 2014, the Cedars Park Café and the Park Pavilion kiosk both opened, spreading that Café in the Park goodness a little further afield to Waltham Cross and our second site in Broxbourne. Spurriers House Kiosk in Harlow Town Park followed in 2016, with the new Spurriers House Café opening in April 2017. We’re hard at work refurbishing the Park Pavilion right now, and looking forward to welcoming you to our new kiosk and our new ‘for hire’ community space from this coming Winter.

After that, who knows where we’ll go next?